Medical Technology Company


We are experienced technology professionals that invest in, innovate on and develop disruptive platform technologies for strategic transfers to larger firms that can more efficiently commercialize at scale. 

The financial investors behind the firm are private and marquis. 

The management team is led by technology sales, operational, delivery and implementation specialists with decades of expertise in the field, having excelled at successfully designed, developed and transferred multiple technology centers across the globe. Marque accounts include global technology leaders including Motorola, Nasdaq listed Citrix Systems  (NQ: CTXS), Florida based Boca Research and world renowned medical technology firm CCC del Uruguay (now part of Integer Medical). 

Current capabilities focus around platform technologies applicable to the healthcare and life sciences vertical. Prized investments include the technology assets acquired and further developed to disrupt the medical devices industry. 

CRM ‘Product Technology’ Assets

Through transfer of technology protocol with CCC in Latin America, the firm setup independent manufacturing operations in 2007 in Bangalore, India. Through this technology over 40,000 implantable cardiac pacemaker systems have been produced and distributed over the past three decades across Latin America, The Indian sub-continent, Asia, The GCC and MENA region, Greek & Balkan States, Eastern Europe and other such CE accepting nations. The CRM product line is high quality, affordable and well positioned to be the ‘value segment’ leader for the emerging markets. 

Per WHO Cardiac Arrhythmia is the #1 single largest therapeutic area which remains undeserved across emerging markets. The disruptive Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) technology developed efficiently detects and treats cardiac arrhythmia. 

The products meet the highest industry standard’s of Quality and Regulatory approvals – the products are CE Certified by BSI and the Quality Systems are ISO 13485-9001 Compliant and Certified to Class III Standards. The system complies with FDA Standards for both export only and domestic distribution. 

Neuromodulation ‘Process Technology’ Assets

The South American technology provider CCC del Uruguay [Now part of Integer Medical] holds the Gold Standard in the Intellectual Properties (IP) for the design, development , production and testing of pacemaker systems commonly used across CRM and Neuromodulation applications. These Intellectual Property assets along with the custom fabricated capital equipment required to fabricate and validate the systems were acquired by Medived. 

The firm today has unrestricted global rights to further empower established medical design, development and manufacturing companies with design and box-build capability for stimulation based CRM and Neuromodulation applications. 

Product Engineering & IT Services: Healthcare & Lifesciences 

MediVed setup (small) R&D operations in the west-coast of North America to further scale the established platform technologies by offering Product Engineering, Design Validation, Testing and Rapid Prototype Development services along with Digital Transformation services including Application Engineering, Data Management,  Enterprise Software implementations and Manufacturing Automation services. Expertise spans software (Data Analytics / AI / Machine Learning), electronics, mechanical and engineering disciplines. 

Medived’s turnkey solution optimizes manpower, lowers operating cost, improves productivity and ROI. For technology companies we offer turnkey solutions with fixed cost & timelines.

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