About Us

Medical Technology & Asset Holding Company


We are experienced professionals in the medical trade with decades of experience, acumen and knowledge of the industry.

We invest, develop and operate medical technology assets that enable the production off a range of complex medical devices. We are known to have the lowest production cost of implantable pacing systems in the world, and have obtained the highest standard’s of regulatory approvals for such.

One of our prized possession’s are the assets acquired and further developed to enable the full production range of Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMD), a $16B large industry vertical.

With Custom Fabricated Capital Equipment and Intellectual Property Assets purchased from CCC, Del Uruguay, we today remain the ONLY other known Company in the world, apart from GreatBatch Medical, NY to own the entire process know-how to enable complete line production of pacemakers, medical pacing leads and related accessories.

CCC holds the Gold Class Standard in the design, development and production know-how for Human Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers and Active Implantable Medical Devices.

Parties interested to setup Pacemaker Production Lines or obtain Pacemaker parts and components, may contact : admin@medived.com



Video Tour of Pacemaker Production Plant


The video showcases a production unit setup to enable cardiac pacemaker production. This plant can be globally replicated.