Medical Technology Company


We are experienced technology professionals that support the innovation and development of disruptive technologies that often are acquired and efficiently commercialized at scale by larger firms.  

The financial investors behind the firm are private and marquis. 

The management team is led by technology sales and delivery specialists having excelled at setting up and operating technology centers across the globe. Technology Transfer licenses have been executed across industries and for marque accounts. Global technology leaders supported include Motorola, Florida based Boca Research (acquired by Citrix Systems, Nasdaq ticker CTXS) and medical technology firm CCC del Uruguay (, acquired by Integer Medical). 

Current assets focus around platform technologies that accelerate the Product Engineering of advanced medical devices.  Scope of Works include Design & Development | Verification & Validation | Functional Testing | Rapid Prototyping of medical devices, products and systems. 

History of the Firm:

Through Transfer of Technology protocol with CCC in Montevideo, Uruguay the firm setup independent operations in 2010 in NJ, USA with an R&D Lab in Bangalore, India. Through this technology a number of advanced medical devices have been designed and developed for global commercial distribution. 

The products designed and developed complied with Industry Standards and were certified to receive ISO, CE and US-FDA Quality and Regulatory Approvals.  

Medical Technology Source

The original equipment manufacturer was founded by Dr. Fiandro ( and held the Gold Standard in the Intellectual Properties Rights (IPR) to the design, development, production and testing of advanced medical device systems as used across therapeutic applications.

These Intellectual Property assets along with the custom fabricated capital equipment required to develop, test and validate the medical device systems were acquired through a Technology Transfer and owned by a Holding Company. 

Through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), the firm can provide unrestricted global rights to the assets to fast track the engineering design and development of an array of medical technologies including ventilators,  pacemakers and other such advanced medical devices.  

US Access

The Firm setup (small) R&D operations in the west-coast of North America to provide US based enterprises access to the Platform Technologies.           

These technologies accelerate the Product Engineering – the Design, Development, Verification and Rapid Prototyping of advanced medical devices.

Expertise span across software (Data Analytics / AI / Machine Learning), electronics, mechanical and biomedical engineering disciplines. 

A turnkey technology transfer solution could optimize manpower, lower operating costs, improve productivity and ROI. Turnkey solutions can be provided with fixed cost & timelines.

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Technology Center Success Story 


Kindly contact us for a link that showcases a virtual tour of the proprietary Manufacturing Technology Center – setup under Technology Transfer Protocol.