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We are experienced professionals in the medical trade that invest in, innovate on, and build to operate medical technology assets to position them for strategic value added exit(s).

Current investments focus around platform technologies for implantable biomedical systems. One of our prized investments are the pacemaker technology assets acquired – and further developed – to enable the production of Active Implantable Medical Devices [AIMD], a niche burgeoning $16B+ industry vertical.

Through this technology over 40,000 implantable cardiac pacemaker systems have been produced and distributed over the past two decades across Latin America, India, MENA, Greece & Balkan States, Eastern Europe and other such CE accepting nations.

This product technology is well positioned for the “value segment” market. The products meet the highest industry standard’s of Quality and Regulatory approvals – the products are CE [European Standard] Certified by BSI and the Quality Systems are ISO 13485-9001 Compliant and Certified to the highest Class III Standard. The system complies with FDA Standards for both export only and domestic distribution. 

The original technology provider, CCC del Uruguay (Now part of Integer Medical) holds the Gold Standard in the Intellectual Property for the design, development and production of such systems. Under a Technology Transfer license with CCC in 2007, the Intellectual Property assets along with the custom fabricated capital equipment & systems were purchased empowering unrestricted global rights to innovate on, manufacture and distribute implantable pacemakers, pacing lead electrodes, RF enabled wireless handheld programmers and ECG communication systems and the necessary parts and accessories for such systems;  Today we remain the ONLY other known Company in the world, apart from Integer (post the GreatBatch Medical acquisition) to own the Intellectual Property Rights to this technology. 

With a strategic partnership in 2019 with California Medical Labs based in Orange County, CA we bring this established technology under license to North America.

Through this we seek to further empower the established North American Medical Device Manufacturing and Development Companies that service the $16B large Active Implantable Medical Devices [AIMD] CRM & Neuromodulation markets with providing the technical know-how to build and manufacture the AIMD System – the parts, components, full product assemblies and testing protocols of the IPG, Lead Electrodes, and Programmer Systems that are used across Implantable Biomedical System applications. 

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Video On Pacemaker Production 

The link showcases a virtual tour of the pacemaker manufacturing plant setup under such Technology Transfer.